Used Cadillac Limousines for Sale

Are you looking for a limousine purchase in the Pottstown, PA area? If so, then you have come to the right place. All of our vehicles are fully inspected and ready to go! We offer both vehicle leases and purchase options for your convenience. Our used Cadillac limousines are just one example of what we […]

New Cadillac Hearses for Sale from Heritage Coach

Designed to provide funeral directors and livery operators with the most sought-after and practical features on the market, Heritage Coach’s 2021 Cadillac hearse lineup offers unsurpassed practicality and elegance. Its eye-catching exterior design makes a striking appearance while its large interior dimensions offer the best functionality one...

Which Hearse Are You Shopping For?

Cadillac The premier maker of burial service vehicles in the US is as a matter of fact Cadillac. Probably the greatest name in extravagance vehicles, Cadillac is a gigantic player in the burial service vehicle market also. By and large, a Cadillac suspension is shipped off a coachbuilder for the last get-together. It is there […]

One Man Chooses a Truly Unique Vehicle for His Final Ride

Although most people choose to be taken to their final resting place in a traditional hearse or in funeral cars, some people have other ideas about their last ride. Milon Boone Adams of Georgia wanted his final ride to be unique. Instead of using a procession of funeral cars, he wanted lo-boy trailer to take […]