One Man Chooses a Truly Unique Vehicle for His Final Ride

Although most people choose to be taken to their final resting place in a traditional hearse or in funeral cars, some people have other ideas about their last ride.

Milon Boone Adams of Georgia wanted his final ride to be unique. Instead of using a procession of funeral cars, he wanted lo-boy trailer to take him to his burial site. If you don’t know what a lo-boy is, it’s one of those low trailers designed for carrying heavy equipment like bulldozers that are used for excavation projects.

Adams passed away on October 26 as a result of lung cancer. He was employed at Keller Outdoors. Before he died, he asked his boss if one of the company’s trailers could be used for the service. His employer arranged it with the Jesse Jones Funeral Home of Chatsworth, Georgia. According to Adams’ wife, Keller Outdoors was like his second family – “we always called them our Keller family,” she said in an interview with a local newspaper.

Funeral cars will always be the traditional fare for taking deceased people to their final resting place, but there’s nothing wrong with going out the way you choose.