New Cadillac Hearses for Sale from Heritage Coach

Designed to provide funeral directors and livery operators with the most sought-after and practical features on the market, Heritage Coach’s 2021 Cadillac hearse lineup offers unsurpassed practicality and elegance. Its eye-catching exterior design makes a striking appearance while its large interior dimensions offer the best functionality one can offer. The 2021 Cadillac lineup is becoming the most sought-after hearse lineup!

Cadillac continues its rich heritage in the funeral industry by offering a perfect balance of elegant styling and refined technology to address the industry’s unique requirements. The Cadillac converted XTS funeral car demands a respected presence to the procession while upholding the standard of prestige funeral clients deserve and expect. We offer the Cadillac chassis in many different model types.


Buying A New Cadillac Hearse At Heritage Coach Company

The Heritage Coach Company team places a huge emphasis on happy customers and the smoothest buying experience possible.  We do not believe in hidden fees or bait and switch tactics. We have a very simple pricing theory – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Pricing. Our buying process is absolutely transparent and you will be made aware of any defects, scratches, or issues. Feel free to browse our extensive online inventory. Visit Heritage Coach Company today!



Experienced, trusted, and committed to exceed every expectation, Heritage Coach Company was founded in 1980 and now in its fifth decade of service and commitment to the funeral industry. The CEO, Jay Lankford, continues the impressive legacy of founders Mark Lankford and Bob Williams.

Our company is built on a solid reputation of attention to detail, patience with customers, and delivering the finest new and reconditioned preowned vehicles. Our funeral industry-specific, onsite service center is known for our high-quality maintenance, custom fabrication, and painting services.