Funeral Cars: A Comforting Tradition in a Changing World

If there’s anything you can count on in this world, it’s change.  Whether you look at the changes in how we shop or watch TV to the changes in how we communicate and travel, change is everywhere.  When there’s so much going on, many people look for comfort in the simple traditions that escape the […]

Five Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Hearses

You’ve probably seen several hearses over the course of your lifetime. Most of them have probably been black, but you may have seen white ones and maybe even some gray ones. Here are some facts about hearses, the symbolism of the color and other things you may not have known about these funeral cars before. […]

Hearse Clubs – the Perfect Option for Funeral Car Fans!

Cars have become a very important part of modern society. From subcompacts to SUVs to exotic sports cars, each style of vehicle has a loyal band of supporters. Showing off our cars and meeting others who share our interest is an extremely common means of bonding. Therefore, car clubs can be found for virtually any […]

Funeral Cars – A Brief History

Today, funeral cars are generally divided into two categories: hearses and limos.  The hearse carries the casket as part of a dignified ceremonial ritual, while the limo carries mourners (usually close relatives and friends, as other funeral attendees generally drive their own vehicles). The history of funeral cars is long and distinguished. Throughout...

10 Vintage Funeral Cars from Cadillac

The manufacturing of petrol-driven began in 1909 in the United States. Cadillac started building hearses in 1916 and remain a major player in the industry today. Cadillac created a “commercial chassis” which is a stronger version of the long-wheelbase Fleetwood limousine. The commercial chassis allows for extra weight of the body, cargo and rear...