Funeral Cars: A Comforting Tradition in a Changing World

If there’s anything you can count on in this world, it’s change.  Whether you look at the changes in how we shop or watch TV to the changes in how we communicate and travel, change is everywhere.  When there’s so much going on, many people look for comfort in the simple traditions that escape the tidal wave of change and innovation that seems to affect everything else.

There is nothing wrong with going through with the tradition of having funeral cars follow you to your final resting place. If you and your family enjoy tradition, this simple act can offer some comfort during a terrible time.  However, in a changing world, several funeral homes are trying to keep up with changing needs of mourners and loved ones while still offering the comfort these traditions bring.

The Dumont-Sullivan Funeral Homes in New Hampshire have been making changes to accommodate a changing funeral scene. Five years ago, Leo Dumont III began renovating his two locations to “make people comfortable at an uncomfortable time.”

“There’s not a better feeling in the world,” says Dumont, “than getting thanked by family members for your assistance in their loved one’s services.” To accomplish this, he has made changes such as making the foyer more open and airy decorated with seasonal décor. The scent of vanilla wafts by as you walk into the foyer for a soothing addition during a bad time. To the left, a spacious room with tables and refreshments let families and friends gather away from the larger crowds. There is also a children’s area in the room so nobody has to hire a babysitter to lend their support to a grieving friend or family member.

These are just a few of the changes going on in funeral homes throughout the nation.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that funeral homes still maintain funeral cars for use in services.  While smaller homes may only maintain a single car or two, larger homes often have a fleet of cars to choose from.  Hearses are the most common but other funeral cars to transport the family are also important.  As new models and innovations are developed, funeral homes are able to offer cars that have plenty of technology for families while still offering traditional comfort.