5 Tips for Using Instagram to Promote Your Funeral Business

Funeral homes have always worked to find innovating and appealing ways to promote their business while walking the line of respectable advertisement. Today, social media options have made it easier than ever to share your advertising and marketing but, at the same time, these platforms often blur the line on what is acceptable and what […]

Children & Grief: 5 Ways to Help Your Youngest Clients

Funeral professionals are accustomed to working with adults. After all, when it comes to pre-need arrangements or immediate needs, children are rarely involved. But that doesn’t mean children don’t have needs which should be addressed as part of the grieving process. For many years, families were uncomfortable discussing death with children and...

Three Ways the Funeral Industry is Changing – And How to Adapt

There are plenty of challenges when it comes to working in the funeral industry. But one major advantage is that it’s an industry that is always in demand. No matter if people want cremation, burial or niche internment, they want to work with a funeral professional in order to get the job done right and […]

Funeral Cars – A Brief History

Today, funeral cars are generally divided into two categories: hearses and limos.  The hearse carries the casket as part of a dignified ceremonial ritual, while the limo carries mourners (usually close relatives and friends, as other funeral attendees generally drive their own vehicles). The history of funeral cars is long and distinguished. Throughout...