The Car Technology That Can Improve Your Funeral Services

n-car technologies are abounding. And funeral cars aren’t being left out. A recent article highlights 10 emerging auto technologies that almost every auto maker is adding to factory roll outs and that funeral companies can look forward to as well.

Some of the technologies are ubiquitous while others may not seem necessary inside a funeral car. Still, these are awesome technologies. Take a look:

  1. Bluetooth – We know you still get calls on your cell phone while driving. With Bluetooth technology, you can take care of business hands-free.  Being able to handle things hands-free will also prevent other drivers in the funeral party even knowing that you’re talking to someone.
  2. USB Ports – You and your passengers can plug in their cell phones, as well as other devices, making their short ride in your funeral cars more comfortable.  Something as simple as being able to charge their phone or communicate quickly with friends and family can be a great comfort during the ride.
  3. Voice Technology – If you need to use GPS navigation or other in-dash technology while driving, voice commands make it safer.
  4. Heads-up Displays – So you’re looking for that cemetery? Training a new driver? You can look out your windshield and get directions on where to turn.
  5. Rearview Cameras – This technology alone is worth installing on your funeral cars.
  6. Restaurant Recommendations – What do you do after the service? You have to eat, and we know that you and your staff stop at your favorite restaurant on the way back to your office. Many cars are now coming equipped with restaurant recommendations and reviews. You can reserve your seats right from your dashboard.

These are just a few of the technologies coming to a funeral car in your fleet soon. Curious about any of them? Talk to your service dealer to see if you can have any of these technologies installed in your funeral cars.